Make debt collectors leave you alone.

Every year, 40 Million Americans are contacted about a debt they don’t owe. If you are being harassed by debt collectors, DebtSettle can help. Get started in as little as 5 min.

How DebtSettle Works

1. Answer

Take 5-10 minutes to answer some questions online to customize your letter.

2. Approve

Approve the auto-generated demand letter that will leverage your legal rights.

3. Send

Sit back as we automatically print your letter, mail it, and send you delivery updates.

What does DebtSettle cost?


per hour.

Credit Repair Companies

per month.



flat fee per letter.

(with money back guarantee)

Why Trust DebtSettle

DebtSettle was created by Juris, a public benefit corporation with the mission of using technology and law to increase access to justice.

Adam J. Kerpelman

Co-Founder, CEO

Konstantin Brazhnik

Co-Founder, CTO

Ethan Mackay, Esq

Co-Founder, GC

Saul E. Kerpelman, Esq

Co-Founder, Chairman

DebtSettle was created with the support of the following organizations.

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DebtSettle Features

High Speed

Debt disputes can involve strict deadlines, so we mail your letter quickly. No need to find time to get to the post office.

No Commitment

DebtSettle charges a one-time flat fee per letter (with a guarantee). No need to worry about contracts, hourly fees, or monthly charges.

Easy Tracking

DebtSettle provides automatic updates on your letter's delivery. Plus you can log on at any time to see where your letter is.

Easy Record Keeping

Log onto your Juris account at any time to see a copy of your DebtSettle letter and log new interactions with the debt collector.

Auto Reminders

DebtSettle sends you automatic reminders so you don't have to fret about deadlines. We'll tell you when to consider your next action.

Additional Guidance

If you send a DebtSettle letter, we'll do our best to help with next steps in the process, from dealing with violations to finding a lawyer.

Why send a DebtSettle letter?

  • Resolve the Dispute

    Your DebtSettle letter shows the debt collector that you know your rights and are willing to fight back. Debt collectors generally don't like that, and may give up on trying to collect.

  • End Harassment

    Your DebtSettle letter informs the debt collector that any harassment is prohibited by federal law and that you'll be watching for violations. Hopefully, this will end all harassment.

  • Build Your Case

    Your DebtSettle letter is tracked, which means if you ever need to go to court, you'll have more evidence to show that your written demands were delivered to the collector.

  • Standard Procedure

    The CFPB, the FTC, and other government agencies suggest that those contacted by debt collectors should consider responding via tracked letter. DebtSettle was built to meet these guidelines.

  • Credit Score Correction

    Your DebtSettle letter may cause the debt collector to give up on collecting a junk debt, which would make it easier for you to remove it from your credit report, if necessary.

Counselor? Lawyer? Financial Coach?

If you’re a pro working in the space, we’ve got tools for you too. DebtSettle is built on the Juris platform where you can handle multiple client records, send interview links, manage teams, all with the same simple letter creation, mailing and tracking.  

Working with a

Juris is a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation focused on using technology to increase access to justice. If you work at a non-profit, or B-Corp financial or legal services organization we would love to support you. Please contact us for special pricing, partnership opportunities, and free letters.

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